For months and weeks and days, I’ve been thinking about bringing this blog back from the dead. I have several reasons: First, the more I write, the more I write, also known as the “When in doubt, write more” theory. Second, I’m now working on a book that shares the title of this blog, and in this space, I could try out ideas as well as give myself a place to think about how the writing of my writing about writing is going. Third, I want something out there in the illusion (probably) that someone would read it and that they might even respond, hopefully with objects not so hard and durable as brickbats or stones.

I had only one problem: How do you go back? After a certain period of silence, it feels more prudent just to let a thing die. And so it felt a little absurd to simply pick up where I left off. As much I wanted to talk about this subject, I felt I needed something dramatic to justify my doing this again.

Then I realized that these sorts of small stupidies get right to heart of what I want to say about writing. We make up these rules of what, when, where, how we have to write, when at the end of the day nothing matters so much as that I *do* write. All else is secondary, tertiary. Nothing good happens in my writing unless I am writing. Everything flows from that.

So here is my blogging ressurection. No rolling away of stones from tombs; no flashes of lightening or re-animation of corpses. Just these words, offered in hopes that will lead to more.